Microsoft outlines Windows 8 goals

Software giant Microsoft has been outlining its Windows 8 goals.

The company wants 400 million devices in customer hands by next July and more than 100,000 applications stocked in the Windows Store by the end of January.

In a Beet.TV interview , Keith Lorizio, Microsoft’s vice president for U.S. sales and marketing, said the success of Windows 8 was guaranteed.

He claimed that there will be 400 million Windows 8 devices out of a potential 1 billion devices in the marketplace. These devices would include both new sales and upgraded Windows 7 machines.

He said that customers will flock to Windows 8 because of its unified look and feel of Windows 8 with its Xbox and Windows Phone 8 platforms that rely on touch and tiles as their navigation preferences.

One of the crucial things that Vole is working on is making sure that there are enough Windows 8 applications on tap.

The plan is to have about 100,000-plus apps over the first three months. Currently there are 3,000.

Apparently it costs Vole a fortune to generate the needed volume of applications.

Microsoft is putting millions of dollars against that effort and working with publishers in order to their apps live as quickly as possible, he said.

It is also vetting all applications before they are put up for sale at the Windows Store.