Microsoft Orifice arrives on the iPhone

Software giant Microsoft seems to have melted and allowed its mobile version of Office 365 to be installed on the iPhone.

In the Volish bog, Pat Fox, senior Vole in charge of product marketing in the Microsoft Office Division said he was excited to be adding even more value to its Office 365 subscriptions.

Office Mobile now lets iPhone users access, view, and edit their Office documents and it is surprisingly similar to what is already preinstalled today on Windows Phone 8.

“Because Office Mobile is from Microsoft, your formatting and layout remain intact when viewing, editing or adding comments, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes. When you return to your PC or Mac your document looks like it should,” Fox enthused.

The way Vole is spinning it is that it always intended to bring Office 365 to Apple, although when it was launched earlier this year Redmond refused to say.

Practically, there were a lot of good reasons not to let the software onto the iPhone because it could be used to prevent its own Windows 8 software making much headway in the business market, or pick up a few orders from the burgeoning bring your own device market.

Since it was released, Microsoft has added Skype calling, and new OneNote features to Office 365.