Microsoft open sources Razor

Microsoft has released the source code for ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Web Pages which is known as Razor.

The code has been open sourced under the Apache 2.0 licence and Microsoft said that it will increase the development transparency of all three projects by hosting code repositories on CodePlex.

Writing from his bog, a spokesvole, Scott Guthry, said that Microsoft had already made the source code of ASP.NET MVC available under an open source licence since the first V1 release.

It has integrated open source technologies into the product, and now ship jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Validation, Modernizr.js, NuGet, Knockout.js and JSON.NET as part of it.

Moving the Razor aspects of the code to open source development will allow everyone in the community, Microsoft said, to engage and provide feedback on code checkins, bug-fixes, new feature development, and build and test the products on a daily basis using the most up-to-date version of the source code and tests.

It is the first time that developers outside of Microsoft will be allowed to submit patches and code contributions that the development team will review for potential inclusion in the products.

It is a similar approach to what Microsoft did with the Windows Azure SDK last December. Microsoft apparently enjoyed the experience and found it a way to build tighter feedback with developers and come up with better products.

He added that ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Razor will continue to be fully supported Microsoft products that ship both standalone as well as part of Visual Studio.