Microsoft Office kills off links to antique operating systems

Microsoft is using its new flavour of Office to kill off old operating systems like XP and Vista.

Vole has been trying to get companies off using XP for years now but it seems that Office 2013 will be used as a tool to do it.

According to Parity, Microsoft has confirmed that Office 2013 won’t work on older operating systems like Windows XP and Vista.

It will work on Windows 7 and the not yet released Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012.

It will also need a PC which has a 1GHz processor and should have 1GB of RAM for 32-bit systems or 2GB for 64-bit hardware. It will also need 3GB of storage space and a DirectX 10-compatible graphics card.

To be fair to Vole, the spec should be a walk in the park as there are few machines which can run Windows 7 which have less than 1GB of RAM. The DirectX 10-compatible graphics card is only needed if you want some sort of hardware acceleration.

But nearly half the world’s PCs are running Windows XP or Vista and a fair number of them will want to run Office.

Microsoft has indicated that all support for XP will end in 2014 which is within the life of the new version of Office.

It seems that it is hoping that businesses will see sense and dump the obviously out of date and therefore now useless operating systems – well, that’s what Microsoft hopes.