Microsoft names and shames UK "pirates"

Software giant Microsoft has been clamping down on resellers that it has dubbed pirates.

Redmond has amed and shamed 25 UK resellers which it claims to have caught flogging counterfeit software.

Microsoft said it has court settlements with 21 independent computer shops, who all admitted hard disk loading and selling counterfeit Microsoft products. Four traders used eBay to peddle illegal goods.

Microsoft said that six of the resellers were based in Birmingham and five were from Liverpool.

According to Redmond that means that the Middle of the UK is a “piracy hotspot”.

Apparently the honest resellers of Birmingham and Liverpool are feeling the pinch because they are being out-priced by a number of local illegal traders.

Amar Mahmood from Discount Computer Warehouse in Birmingham, told CRN that the company has made a mistake and put its piracy days into the past. It has also put in place measures to ensure it steers clear of pirate activity in future.

Colin Carney from SXC Industries,said it realised it needed to change the way the outfit operated. “We certainly do not condone piracy of any sort.

The outfits named and shamed are:

  • Computer Services Repair, Birmingham
  • Marsh Computers High Tech Trading Ltd, Kent
  • B’N’I Computers Ltd, Birmingham
  • Morely Computers, Leeds
  • Discovery Computers, Birmingham
  • South Liverpool PC Repair, Leeds
  • Gemini Computers, Birmingham
  • Smithdown Computers, Liverpool
  • Bytesize Solutions Ltd, Birmingham
  • TC Links, Liverpool
  • Discount Computer Warehouse, Birmingham
  • SXC Industries Ltd t/a Stockxchange, Liverpool
  • Computer Resale, Chesterfield
  • Avesta UK Ltd, Manchester
  • Quest Computers, Gosport
  • KBR Computers, Merseyside
  • Surf-IT Computers Ltd, Hampshire
  • Jupiter IT, Merseyside
  • Exel Computers, Sheffield
  • Clarion Computers, Swansea
  • MCS Computers, Teeside
  • Little Laptop Shop eBay aka recovery_dvds
  • Custom PC Shop
  • Fizz Time aka Electricbuy
  • Snowdon Computers Ltd