Microsoft moans the most about piracy

Figures from Google show that Microsoft is the biggest complainer about copyright theft, a title that many would have expected to have gone to the RIAA.

According to AP, Google’s search engine receives more complaints about websites believed to be infringing on Microsoft’s copyrights than anything else.

More than 97 percent of the copyright removal requests sent to Google are found to be valid by the company, prompting the offending links to be blocked from its influential search results.

But a report showing a breakdown of all requests Google has received since July 2011 shows Google has logged more than 2.5 million requests to remove links believed to be violating Microsoft’s copyrights in the past 11 months.

Big Content’s NBC Universal was the next highest, with nearly a million removal requests during the same period.

Microsoft has long complained about illegal downloads of its Windows operating system and other software.

The Recording Industry Association of America only had 416,000 requests. Other copyright owners on Google’s Top 10 list of removal requests include Universal and Sony and a porn site,

Google receives about 250,000 removal requests in a week, which is more than the total number sent to the company during the entire year of 2009. Last month, Google received 1.2 million removal requests on behalf of 1,000 copyright owners who believe their content was being infringed on nearly 23,000 websites,