Microsoft Mango ready but no-one is releasing it

While pundits have touted Windows Mobile 7 as the antidote for Android problems, it seems that manufacturers can’t be bothered.

This week Microsoft had to go public that its Mango flavour of the operating system was ready to go.

Peter Wissinger, Microsoft’s director of Mobile Business in the Nordic countries, said that Mango had been released early.

The only problem was that Vole’s OEM partners were not ready. That includes HTC, LG, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE Corporation and Nokia. Nokia’s first Mango smartphone, the “Sea Ray” was being shown to hacks at the end of June.

While in the case of Android there is much moaning about the software versons not being ready, it seems that when something is, the OEMs aren’t.

It is not clear when users of Windows Mobile 7 will start seeing updates either, but at least one side of Microsoft is happy that it has done its job on time and they can go off and find a nice beach somewhere.