Microsoft intros Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4 soon

Software firm Microsoft said it has made Visual Studio 2010 and .net Framework 4 available, while it will release Silverlight 4 on the web later this week.

Microsoft is making a hefty push for the products in a launch that will include 150 events aimed at developers.

Fifty independent software companies will release products built on the Microsoft software, including Micro Focus, Telerik and Developer Express.

Visual Studio 2010 includes a re-designed editor that Microsoft claims has more features and is more flexible and also supports multiple monitors. That’s based on Windows Presentation Foundation.

The software supports Windows 7 multitouch and ribbon interfaces.

Other features included in .net Framework 4 include more language choices, support for middle tier apps including parallel programming. Microsoft has improved, that is to say shrunk runtime by over 80 percent in .net Framework 4 Client Profile.

Silverlight 4 will include features like better out of browser capabilities, improvements for enterprise application devs and over 60 pre-written controls.

At press time, links provided by Microsoft for these products did not work.