Microsoft integrating Skype with Xbox

It turns out that Microsoft’s plans for Skype include shoving it under the bonnet of its Xbox console.

Many wondered what Vole was thinking of doing when it splashed out and bought Skype with the smart money being on some form of tax avoidance plan.

However leaked videos show that Vole is integrating video chat and telephony into its gaming console.

According to IT Pro Portal,  a video which tipped up on YouTube showed off new features that will be added to the gaming console Xbox 360 later this year. On the hit list was Skype, fuelling rumours that Xbox 360 will enable gamers to interact with their Windows Live friends even while playing games.

Vole has carried out a survey which showed that punters seem to want Zune and Skype functions on their Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s $8.5 billion deal to buy Skype is still pending awaiting the approval of the EU Commission. The deal which is expected to close in October.

It seems that Vole will integrate the video chat and telephony service with a variety of its products which include, Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phones and others to connect its Outlook, Xbox Live and other users with Skype.