Microsoft gives up on stupid XP users

Software giant Microsoft has finally washed its hands of stupid IT managers who will insist on running software which has been out-evolved by a slide rule.

For years, Microsoft has had to put up with business claiming that it did not need to upgrade the aging Windows XP boxes because they still worked – and if it was not broken it did not need to be mended.

Despite several attempts by Microsoft to prove how broken the software was in the face of today’s security threats, businesses decided to save money by ignoring them.

Over the last few years there was considerable pressure on Microsoft to keep patching the hulk of an operating system, until it was more patch than OS.

In fact, some people believe the reason that other operating systems have not done so well is because Microsoft has continued to support XP when it should have given up a long time ago.

After all, it’s not as if users can go somewhere else.

Linux is a dog on the desktop, Apple‘s OS is not secure enough for business, and most cloud based ideas involve giving all your data to America.

Now, according to the International Business Times, Vole has said enough is enough and it’s washing its hands of the whole nightmare. According to PC World it is giving managers 1,000 days to spruce their ideas up and enter this decade.

Stephen Rose, the IT community manager for Windows, said once those 1,000 days pass, Windows XP will be on its own and prone to more security risks. In short, it will be seen for what it really is. A long term bodge job by IT managers who want to save cash.

Rose said that it would be great if the glory days lasted forever. But the reality is trophies get dusty, records are broken, and what it took to be the best ten years ago just isn’t enough by today’s standards.

With nearly half the world’s PCs still running Windows XP it seems that there are going to be a few people having to start huge upgrade programs.