Microsoft gets cloud certification

Software giant Microsoft has been given certification for its cloud-based Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services-Federal product. Normally this sort of thing is a big yawn, but this time the certification is part of a bigger handbags at dawn war between Vole and the search engine Google.

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft slammed Google for misleading customers about the FISMA certification of its competing Google Apps for Government service.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, David Howard, said that Google’s Web-based productivity suite for government clients didn’t have FISMA certification, while Google had said it had.

The implication was that Google was running around claiming its cloud was secure when the government had yet to decide if it was.

Google denied Volish slurs and said that Google Apps Premier Edition was certified. The government had ruled that its name change to Google Apps for Government, and increased security Google baked into that product, could be incorporated into the existing FISMA certification.

But then it went on to point out that Vole’s own product, the Business Productivity Online Services-Federal lacked its own FISMA certification. In short it should not be running around accusing others of what it was doing itself.

Add into the story that Google has sued the Interior Department for awarding Microsoft a contract to provide Web-based e-mail without even looking at its products.

Vole actually having real certification will mean that the two outfits are on a level playing field when it comes to competing for lucrative government contracts which make decisions based on the security accreditation.

However, it does mean that Microsoft was being a bit hypocritical when it cast the first stone at Google.