Microsoft Exchange Online slows to a crawl again

Software behemoth Microsoft is continuing to have problems with its Exchange Online service.

Exchange Online is a part of Microsoft’s cunning plan to stick its head in the cloud and provides its Business Productivity Online Suite. This provides email in “the cloud” for millions.

Last week, there were many glitches and users suffered from a lack of email for nine or more hours.

Microsoft said sorry and promised to do better, but yesterday similar problems have appeared to  crop up again, although on a much lesser scale.

A Microsoft official posted a message that it was investigating reports of intermittent mail flow issues affecting Exchange Online users served from the data centre serving the Americas. The spinner has yet to report back yet about the cause although the result was the same as two weeks ago.

Emails were not getting to people, even other Exchange users and others muttered that the incident was Microsoft’s third strike. Besides the apology and system upgrades, Microsoft has promised users a service credit.

But the spluttering service is going to make it difficult for Microsoft to sell the idea of the cloud to those who were not early adopters.

Already other cloud based services have shown similar reliability problems, so it is not unique to Microsoft.

One of Redmond’s biggest problems is that reliability takes a long time to prove, and one minor outage totally tiggers your case.

About the only thing that Microsoft can say in defence of its cloud is that no one is losing data, it is just being delayed.