Microsoft employee gets control of a country

While many have suspected the software giant Microsoft of pulling political strings, it seems that there is one place in the world where one of its employees runs the government.

According to Al Jazeera, Cheick Modibo Diarra, Microsoft chairman for Africa, has been appointed Mali’s interim prime minister.

His job is to make sure that there is not a single Android or Mac allowed into the country and that open source projects will disappear.

Actually, that is completely false. Diarra has been brought in to make sure that civilian rule is restored to the West African country after last month’s coup.

The coup leaders who ousted Mali’s democratically elected president last month recently handed over power to an interim civilian leader.

Soldiers arrested the head of one of Mali’s biggest political parties, Soumaila Cisse, hours after a former prime minister was detained by military personnel

There are some doubts as to whether anyone will actually get a democratic government in Mali if all the opposition leaders are locked up.

Already Diarra’s job is a lot smaller than he thought. In the middle of the political trouble separatist rebels in northern Mali has declared an independent state that is larger than France. It is likely to fall to an Islamic faction that wants to impose Shariah law in the area.

No doubt all the infighting, personal empire grabbing, and the watching as a large operation falls apart will be familiar to Diarra. The only difference is that Mali will be a lot quieter than Redmond.