Microsoft doesn't give a monkeys about iPlayer

While the Beeb’s iPlayer has been a popular feature on the PS3 for some time, software giant Microsoft says that it is in no hurry to jack it under the bonnet of the Xbox 360.

European senior regional director Neil Thompson said that the firm would rather develop new content and focus on the Kinect peripheral than deal with the iPlayer.

It might have something to do with the fact that Redmond has a very cosy relationship with Sky which is available on the Xbox.

If you want to hear a Microsoft exec in full, and in unintelligible excuse mode you might like to pop over to Digital Spy where Thompson clearly hopes to win an academy award for the most gratuitous and incomprehensible use of the word “differentiate”.

When asked why Microsoft was not doing a deal with the BBC, Thompson said: “What we really want to do is ensure that we can differentiate and bring new things and that’s about really looking at the services we have and saying, ‘How can we improve those and make those even more interactive and more differentiated?’

He said that now that Microsoft has the Kinect coming to the platform it is about as differentiated as it can get. We stuck his comments into our PR speak machine and loosely translated it means “Sony has the Beeb to make it different. Well, that and a ping pong ball on a stick for its motion controller. We have Kinect and we are gods.”

He added that the iPlayer is available on “a lot of platforms” which people connect in a lot of ways today. He said: ‘Where would we add value to that particular property at this point?’ and we think we can probably add value in other areas at the moment.”

Our translator said “huh?” and went to enjoy a differentiated vertical dining platform i.e. lunch.