Microsoft comes up with Windows 8 cunning plan

While many think that Microsoft has a slow burning product with its Windows 8 software, it appears that Vole has a cunning plan to make it sell faster.

Steve Ballmer believes that the reason that Windows 8 is not selling well is because the operating system is too cheap.

According to the company blog, at the end of this month Windows 8 will increase in price by more than four times.

From February, the update on Windows 8 Pro will go up to $200 from the current $40. Prices will be increasing across the entire product line at the same time.

Beneath the announcement is a string of invective which generally seems to suggest that Steve Ballmer is doing his best to kill off the Windows 8 operating system completely.

As one user pointed out, Microsoft should have learnt something from Apple which has been selling its upgrades for $15-$30 for a while now. While Windows 8 is more of a significant upgrade, it is probably not worth $50, the user reasons.

It is a fair point. There is absolutely no reason to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 at that price, as there are will be few people who are going to benefit from a $200 upgrade.