Microsoft claims browser rivals more bug ridden than IE

With its Internet Exploder share dropping drastically as we speak, Microsoft has decided to take a leaf out of Apple’s macbook and go on the offensive, claiming that Firefox and Chrome are more bug-ridden than its web browser and Mozilla and Google  take longer to fix those bugs.

“[T]he IE team closes every bug reported (whether by fixing it or saying it won’t be fixed), as of this week Mozilla’s Bugzilla system reports 12,779 unconfirmed bugs and WebKit has 2,616 unconfirmed bugs,” reports TechRadar. That’s a whole lot of bugs, and a mighty big claim for Microsoft to make.

Internet Explorer head honcho Dean Hachamovitch says he’s making “an apples to apples comparison”, but we’re not so sure he knows his fruit. The comparison is actually with IE9, which supposedly only has 533 publicly reported bugs, not with IE8, 7, or even 6, which is still used by many today.

One random search for browser bugs gave us this link, which shows a substantially higher volume of bugs for Internet Explorer than for its rival browsers.

Even if what Hachamovitch claims is true Microsoft’s newfound approach of “yeah, but they’re more broken than we are” isn’t going to avert the slow death of its Internet Exploder.

We asked Microsoft if it could “provide us with any more info, such as the number of bugs IE 8 and 9 have and what kind of approach you take to addressing bugs.” Its  response, however, simply linked us to some of its recent blog posts, such as here, which it claimed would be “the most useful” in answering our questions. Right.