Microsoft charges to remove crapware

Software giant Microsoft is offering to delete all the crapware which OEMs are forever installing on computers.

Microsoft will do this for a fee. Sorting out your computer so it is bloatware free will cost you $99.

The cycle of birth and death is re-enforced in a perfect ecological balance. OEMs make cash from installing rubbish programs and Microsoft is making money speeding up your computer by removing it.

Microsoft is expanding a programme it started about two and a half years ago called “Signature editions”. Vole claims that these PCs give you faster and easier access to the software you want right away without getting sidetracked talking to trialware or other sample software.

This means that the system boots to a clean Windows desktop. Vole can now market this whole idea and show you how detrimental this OEM-installed software is to your system.

Microsoft claims that Signature systems start up 39 percent faster, go into sleep mode 23 percent faster, and resume from sleep 51 percent faster than those demos.

Signature has been limited to new PCs but now Vole will offer customers the opportunity to give their Windows 7 PC the Signature treatment by bringing it to a Microsoft Store and paying $99.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s figures are about right.