Microsoft changes Windows interface

Software giant Microsoft is experimenting with the use of ribbons in its forthcoming Windows 8 interface.

Several sites, who have got their paws on the alpha builds of the new interface, say that it seems that Vole has had enough of toolbars and is instead going for the Ribbons.

Ribbons are basically toolbars within different tabs, but tend to organise things a bit better.

Ribbons have been a staple in its Office software and apparently the shy and retiring Microsoft CEO Steve “there’s a kind of hush” Ballmer thinks they are rather natty.

It also looks like the old Windows login screen has been tossed into the dustbin in favour of something which looks a bit like the Windows Phone 7/Zune. Now when you log on, it will tell you the time, day and date just in case you forgot.

It might be that all this mobile looking interface in Windows 8 is because of the expected tablet support, although Vole has not expressed much optimism that the new technology is much more than a fad.

The new Windows will also show its entertainment capability by allowing you to control music while the computer is locked. Of course this will mean that there will be a whole new range of hacker attack vectors that can exploit this.

There are some snaps of what to expect here.   Apparently Vole has sent copies of the Alpha to its partners to play with and this could explain the  “leak”.