Microsoft bans used games

Software giant Microsoft is certain to declare war on the second hand video games industry and a leak has confirmed that its new Xbox will not allow them to run.

Rumours of an anti used game system for Microsoft’s next-generation ‘Durango’ Xbox console were leaked a couple of months ago, but according to VGleaks, there is evidence that the Vole is pressing ahead with the moves.

VGleaks has a very good deepthroat in Microsoft and come up with accurate specifications for Durango before. This time it has provided screenshots of an Xbox Development Kit (XDK) for Microsoft’s next-generation console.

These confirm a number of previous rumours that every next-gen console will include a hard drive with enough capacity to “hold a large number of games”. All games are said to be installable to the drive, and “play from the optical drive will not be supported”, which sounds bad for backwards compatibility.

This means that Durango game installations will be mandatory, while at the moment Xbox 360 games can be installed to HDD, but they require the disk to run. Durango titles cannot directly access data on discs once they’re installed, suggesting that the next-gen console may not require the disk to play games post-installation.

This means that Vole is developing an anti-used games system that requires activation codes for 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs. There are references to an “always on, always connected” console which means that the machine will have to phone home to check that the software is not pirated or second-hand.

This is exactly the same sort of DRM which made SimCity unplayable and cost the EA Games CEO his job this week.

The leak also shows that there will be a new high-fidelity Kinect sensor without a tilt motor to be sold with every console. Microsoft recently showed a next-generation Kinect sensor without tilt motors which means that the new unit will be a lot smaller and compact.

The new Xbox is expected to come out in time for the Christmas rush.