Microsoft backtracks on killer worm

Redfaced security experts at Microsoft have had to backtrack from the dire warning they have earlier this week about the trojan Win32/ Popureb.E.

Microsoft initially said that the thing came with a rootkit which was so powerful that you had to back up your hard drive and re-install Windows to kill it off.

While it seems that many users followed Microsoft’s advice on that one, it looks like they might regret it.

Now it seems that MMPC engineer Chun Feng has changed his mind and “clarified” Microsoft’s advice.

“If your system is infected with Trojan:Win32/Popureb.E, we advise fixing the MBR using the Windows Recovery Console to return the MBR to a clean state,” Feng wrote

Feng provided links to instructions on how to use the Recovery Console for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

This will enable the MBR to be scrubbed and users can run antivirus software to scan the PC for additional malware for removal, Feng added.

His initial response was created with howls from the insecurity industry as a bit of an overkill. Some are already offering removal kits for it.