Microsoft auto updates Internet Explorer

Microsoft has had a gutsful waiting for people to upgrade to the latest form of browser and is now going to do it automatically.

Vole said that starting from this morning it will begin auto-updating Internet Explorer (IE) users’ PCs to the latest versions of the browser, based on which Windows version they’re using.

Microsoft believes it will get away with it because Google’s Chrome browser already does that.

While there will be some companies who might see their networks go tits up with such an upgrade, Microsoft is providing them with workarounds should they wish to remain on their current IE version.

According to the Windows Bog,  generally the feeling is that it will force those users who are on such unlikely ancient browsers as IE 6 and do not know to upgrade them, to get some safer software. Normally such types end up recruited into botnet.

It is all a bit of an experiment, as Microsoft is not really sure how the auto-update will go down with users. It will be rolled out slowly world-wide to see if anything breaks. Australia will be the guinea pig apparently.

Microsoft insists that the change is good for all of its core browser audiences, including people, developers, and the enterprise. It’s good for people because it lets them stay up to date and secure automatically.

It also means that developers, who are also people, lets them focus on the latest web technologies like HTML 5 without worrying about whether most users are accessing the web with a modern browser.

Those with Windows XP and IE 6 will be updated to IE 8, Gavin told me, because that’s the most recent IE version supported on XP. Users with Windows Vista or Windows 7 will be updated to IE 9.

IE 8 and IE 9 are currently offered through Windows Update as an Important update, but not one which is automatically carried out.