Microsoft approves open sauce app

Software Imperium Microsoft has approved its first Open Sauce web app for Windows.

The Imperium has only given certification to a small number of Web apps and none of them has any trace of open sauce goodness.

The SilverStripe Content Management Studio has got Redmond’s certification and it is being seen as an admission that Open Source software can work on Windows.

Of course this is logical, there is no reason why not, it is just that the Imperium has never allowed that before.

SpokesImperium Andrew Gordon said that Redmond believes that most of the bright ideas in the software world were happening on the world wide wibble and in cloud based software.”We are seeing increased awareness and acceptance of open source software on the Microsoft Windows platforms,” he said

.Our theory is that Microsoft needs as much Cloud based software on the streets as it can get and it therefore prepared to bend its anti-open sauce stance.

Although, to be fair to the Imperium, the anti-Open sauce stance is not consistent throughout the company, with some thinking it is a brilliant idea. It has taken three years to get SilverStripe to work properly on the Imperium’s software and it has been installed 60,000 times using WebPI.

Sigurd Magnusson, the co-founder of the project and business relationship manager for, says that the Windows Server certification highlights the fact that its product development has been done to Microsoft best practices and that an independent certification partner rigorously tested its software.