Microsoft accused of doing evil in Taiwan

Software Empire Microsoft is planning to squash Taiwanese barbarians who insist on using Android in handsets by hitting them with patent lawsuits.

According to Digitimes, vendors are squealing like pigs after getting hints that the Imperium plans to impose royalty fees on Android handsets for using its patents in e-mail, multimedia and other functions.

The first target for the Imperium is Acer and Asustek and the big idea is to stop them from adopting Android and Chrome OS for their netbook and tablet PCs, Digitimes claims.

So far only HTC has signed for licensed use of Microsoft patents, leaving Acer and Asustek the targets for the royalty charge.

Because Acer’s and Asustek’s handset shipments are in small volumes and therefore Microsoft’s royalty charge is not based on revenues, Digitimes thinks.

Instead the cunning plan is to stop Acer and Asustek from using Google Android or Chrome OS instead of Windows Mobile for their netbook or tablet PCs.

Vendors of Android handsets have to pay the Imperium $10-15 per handset for licensed use of its patents.

The Taiwan-based vendors have so far ignored Microsoft’s demands for cash and like the idea of Android because it is a lower cost to them than using Windows Mobile.

It is starting to look like they will not get away with that for long and the Imperium’s legions marching behind their legal eagles are on their way.