Michelle Matthews quits Microsoft

The sultana of Volish spin, Michelle “Mich” Matthews, is to leave Microsoft’s central marketing group just before the Fall, the Wall Street Journal says.

Matthews had spent 19 years at Microsoft and rose to become senior vice president of its central marketing group. Her biography on the Microsoft site reads: “Under her vision to build world-class marketing capabilities at Microsoft, Mathews (sic) has forged innovative partnerships between Microsoft’s marketing and engineering teams in order to infuse insights and value propositions into product development.” Make sense of that, if you can.

Anecdotes during the mid 1990s from her former colleagues at Text 100 suggested that she was largely responsible for the makeover of Bill Gates, transforming him from his formerly rather scruffy geek image into a suave and polished suit on the world stage.

Before she joined Microsoft, she worked for UK PR outfit Text 100 which she left in 1993. In this role she once buttonholed me in the early 1990s at a press event after I reported for then print title PC Dealer that Microsoft was the subject of an inquiry by Labour MP Nigel Griffiths.

She indicated that Microsoft wasn’t very happy with the stories I’d written,  and that it might have a negative effect on my journalistic career. So far I haven’t noticed….

Matthews had risen to dizzying heights in Microsoft, climbing the greasy management pole to become one of the company’s inner cabal and an advisor to Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and the rest.