Michael Jackson rises from grave to stop kids playing game

The maker of the game Plants vs. Zombies has been ordered by the Michael Jackson estate to remove his image from the game.

Popcap has had to update the game and retool the zombie adversaries who look, dress and dance like the late popular beat combo artist Michael Jackson.

The company clearly states that any resemblance between him and persons living or dead is coincidental however the Estate of Michael Jackson objected.

Popcap told MTV Games  the zombies too closely resembled Michael Jackson and Popcap made a business decision to retire the original ‘dancing zombie’ and replace it with a different ‘dancing zombie’.

The business decision probably means that a lawsuit from the Jackson Estate was not worth fighting. It is unlikely that the Jackson Estate would have won. Although it would have almost certainly trademarked his likeness, Popcap could have played the parody card.

We doubt this would have happened if Michael had been alive. After all, the game is popular with children and Michael loved children.

Now that he is dead, Jackson is making more money than he ever did alive. Apparently he is the “former King of Pop” rather than an unconvicted alleged paedophile, white black guy with so much plastic surgery that his face fell off.

Death makes people forget everything. If Gary Glitter had died in 1984 his career would have been so different. You also get sane people to run your finances with aggressive lawyers.