mFlow launches to merge Twitter and iTunes

Instead of bothering all your Twitter followers with what Spotify song you’re listening to or posting reccommendations and lyrics all over your Facebook, maybe it’s time to switch to a platform shared by likeminded obsessive (legal) music sharers.

Enter mFlow, a new all-in-one music library, player and social network. Currently the software is in Beta and admission is invite only, but having had a tinker today I must say it’s a great idea with huge potential. The interface looks kind of like iTunes but you’ll notice there’s an added tab there on the left that says inbox and that’s where the fun stuff is.

You can follow profiles on mFlow who will then reccommend songs and artists to you by way of ‘flowing,’ which is a maximum of 140 characters and a lot like a Tweet except there’s music attached. UK profiles of interest already on the site include Zane Lowe, NME and Popjustice. When you follow someone you can check your inbox to see the last tracks they’ve purchased and what they’re flowing.

As said before, mFlow is in the beta stage at the moment and so we can expect a lot more content than what’s already on offer. The only gripe we can find right now is that us tech hacks tend to be short of change, so paying 79p per track or £8.99 for an album a la iTunes is going to leave us out of pocket pretty quickly. Unless you’re keen on listening to the first 30 seconds of songs.

Another cool feature of mFlow is that if someone decides to buy a track based on your recommendation you’ll get credit back to spend. We recommended Dum Dum Girls, it was purchased and we found an extra 30 pence straight in our account.

If content keeps being added we’d like to see mFlow explore the possibility of a monthly subscription fee, as the social side of the service is very well implemented and fun.

To request an invite to the beta, head on to the mFlow homepage here. The service is currently UK only. I have five invites to give away – first five get them – so if you want one leave your email in the comments below!