Lucid enables high-end gaming on low-end systems

The inventors of the groundbreaking, albeit deceased, mixed-brand multiGPU chip, Hydra Engine, have decided to break the mould once again and enable high-end gaming on low-end graphics cards.

Lucid Logix has over time become a 100 percent software-driven company, releasing several new software apps specifically targeting the optimisation of Intel GPU performance. Virtu technology, for one, is implemented by some motherboard manufacturers and aimed at combining the best features of Intel’s Sandy Bridge GPU with discrete GPUs.

Now the company has launched DynamiX. With this utility the company claims it can get some serious gaming going on, on your Intel HD 2000-based graphics core. This is actually aimed at enabling gaming on mainstream notebooks without having to resort to discrete graphics from Nvidia or AMD. Dynamix is a software utility that gives a computer with Intel HD 2000-class graphics the ability to adjust the in-game graphics settings on the fly by setting a framerate threshold. If the frames fall, the software kicks in and scales back in-game detail, smoothing out your framerate immediately.

“With DynamiX, a single embedded GPU is all you will need to enjoy your favorite high-performance titles on most new notebooks without reducing display resolution or minimizing game performance settings,” said Offir Remez, Lucid co-founder and president.

As there is no such thing as a free lunch, the software has been cut-down for demo purposes and will only work with Bethesda Studios’ high-fantasy romp The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Lucid will later charge an as-of-yet undetermined fee for the full software but pricing, we believe, will depend on consumer reactions and the supported game list, which, according to the company, will grow over time. Remez added, “We are offering this free trial beta version as a proof-of-concept, while working to provide DynamiX for more games. Try it and tell us what you think!”

We think Bethesda and Intel couldn’t be happier, right now.

You can get the details and software – free of charge for a limited time – so snap to it. Head over here.