Linus Torvalds defects to KDE

Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds has defected to the KDE interface after bitching about Gnome for ages.

While KDE developers might be happy at getting a high profile customer, having Torvalds as a client is a bit like having a viper in your underpants. If you don’t move or do something stupid, you should be ok, but if something goes wrong the results are disastrous.

Linus Torvalds has been the thorn in the side of the Gnome community after its 3.x failed to impress him and he made his objections rather clear.

Writing in his blog  Linux said he had been a long time Gnome+Ubuntu user but gave up on Unity after 11.10 when things seemed to be heading in the direction he didn’t want his linux desktop to behave like.

Linus has not used KDE for a long time and his opening statement about KDE is a mix of praise and moan. He particularly did not like the default ‘desktop view’ introduced in KDE 4.x.

He said it looked a bit too cartoony, and the default widget/plasmoid behaviour with mouse-over pretty much immediately showing the controls for it “annoys the hell” out of him.

He said that while you can lock the widgets down and they calm down and act normal, it’s got some really odd and distracting default behaviour.

Linus changed the default to ‘folder view’ and became a happy bunny.

Linus said he understood why some Gnome people think that KDE may have gone a bit overboard on the configuration ability. Because some of the “you can configure everything” things are just odd.

But he did like being being able to rotate those desktop widgets any which way you want.

Unity, on the other hand, went too far the other way, he added.

In the end he gave KDE the thumbs up.