Linus Torvalds blasts Microsoft in sweary tirade

Linux guru Linus Torvalds is at it again. After telling Nvidia to go forth and multiply, the outspoken Torvalds has decided to share some of his thoughts on Microsoft’s signing techniques in a heated online argument with fellow Linux developers.

The developers were discussing ways of improving the Linux kernel with a bit of code that makes it easier to boot on Windows 8 PCs. The process of booting Linux on PCs shipped with Windows 8 has been complicated due to the widespread use of UEFI firmware with Secure Boot feature enabled. Red Hat developers emailed Torvalds to discuss the addition of new keys to the Linux kernel, which should get around the issue.

Torvalds’ response was less than diplomatic. He said the idea was “f*cking moronic” and accused Red Hat developers of engaging in a “d*ck sucking contest”.

“If Red Hat wants to deep-throat Microsoft, that’s *your* issue,” he wrote. “Why should *I* care? Why should the kernel care about some idiotic “we only sign PE binaries” stupidity? We support X.509, which is the standard for signing.”

However, Red Hat developer David Howells was quick to point out that Torvalds’ approach was wrong, not because of the language he used to outline it, but because it simply wouldn’t work. Other developers weighed in, but since Torvalds wasn’t around the discussion quickly became civil and rather boring. In another email, Howells stressed that the keyproblem has to be resolved before Linux can be made to properly boot on a UEFI machine, unless Torvalds can figure out a way to make it work by shouting at it.