Linden Lab chief flees to LoveMachine

Reliable sources said that Philip Rosedale has stopped acting as the CEO of Linden Lab, the folk that produce Second Life. The news hasn’t yet been made public, but Rosedale, we understand, returned to a full time position at LoveMachine.

LoveMachine, whose web site is here, has some interesting notions including something called the “Tao of LoveMachine”.

“Love is the answer. Everything…will lead you astray unless your actions come from love. Love is the most subtle and complex emotion. It can be experienced at peak intensity only with the full power of the human intellect and in the calm of a fearless and lucid mind. The direction of evolution is toward love. Hence the company name.”

In the past few weeks there were also rumours that Microsoft were looking at a possible purchase of Linden Labs.