Linaro gets development board

Penguin worshippers who have formed a cult called Linaro have put out their first bit of hardware which is designed to speed up the developing of Linux among the great washed who don’t use the operating system.

The Linaro cult has been muttering strange rituals around something called the Origen development board for a while now. The Origen is based on Samsung’s beefy Exynos 4210 dual core chipset mixed with special Linaro open sauce software.

The kit packs all the essential ports including HDMI, USB 2.0 host, and a SD slot. It is supposed to be the miracle that developers had been wanting to get their paws on.

At Computex it has actually manifest and can be seen clearly by the faithful and the skeptical alike.

It means that software developers now have low cost access to the high performance Exynos mobile
computing platform .

The big idea is that the board will be popular with developers of tablets, smartphones and other connected screens where graphics are important.

Linaro has said that it will provide source code downloads of Linaro Evaluation Builds of Android and Ubuntu from its website.

The Linaro Evaluation Builds use the latest stable Linux kernel and toolchain. The group claims that it can deliver leading edge performance on a sub-$200 board.

Dojun Rhee, vice president, System LSI Marketing, Samsung Electronics was confident that the open source community would get shedloads of products out using the Exynos platform.
The ‘Origen’ integrates mobile platform orientated features such as interfaces for HDMI, SD card, WiFi, Bluetooth, Stereo audio, LCD, JTAG debug and Camera.

To enable future upgrade options the Exynos processor is mounted on a small daughter board together with high bandwidth DDR3 memory. The ‘Origen’ board will be available through its manufacturer at