Linaro completes first engineering cycle with Cortex-A9 demo

Linaro has announced that it has achieved major progress with its open source development, showcasing three ARM Cortex-A9 chips running multiple Linaro-developed Linux distributions, which it says can be employed on a new range of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and vehicle equipment.

Today marks the end the first engineering cycle for Linaro, a not-for-profit open source engineering organisation. To date it has hired over 70 engineers, bringing it close to its target of 100 employees. The rise in staff has allowed it to add three new Working Groups for its second engineering cycle, which ends in May of 2011.

During its first cycle the Linaro open source developers focused on improving development tools and consolidating Linux kernel SoC support for the newest ARM Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A8 based chips.

Linaro has also seen a reshuffling in its board governance. Texas Instruments has joined ARM and IBM on the board, a new Advisory group for software distribution owners has been created, and George Grey, founder of Mobicious, has been chosen as CEO.

At the Techcon event held today many of Linaro’s founders, including Samsung, Texas Instruments, and ST-Ericsson, will showcase three different Cortex-A9 based SoCs using software enhanced by Linaro developers

“These demonstrations show the latest ARM based SoCs running multiple distributions and built with software or tools that have benefited from Linaro’s aligned engineering,” said George Grey, CEO of Linaro. “By providing the best open source tools and software and helping to enable them on the most advanced Cortex-A9 chips, we are helping to unify and accelerate open source development.”

Linaro is not resting on its laurels, however, as there are plans for its second engineering cycle, where it will invest in more open source projects relating to graphics, multimedia and power management. 

It will also be expanding the number of SoCs which support its open source software, and it will announce distribution owners as advisers company as well as inviting a new member on board.

“Linaro can help change the embedded open source world for the better by reducing non-value-add fragmentation and creating a place where the ARM partnership can collaborate to advance open source,” said Leonard Tsai, vice president of Compal Innovation Design & Technology. “Everyone will be winners with a diverse range of great connected products that perform better, take less power and are quicker to market.”