Leaked Microsoft roadmap shows Office late

A Dutch developer, who stumbled across a Microsoft roadmap, said that it shows that the next version of Office won’t ship until the first quarter of 2013.

Maarten Visser, the CEO of Meetroo, found the roadmap after clicking on a link posted on Microsoft’s Dutch website. The PDF was not password protected.

Visser posted the information in a YouTube video. It was interesting for him because his company builds SharePoint applications and so the release date of SharePoint 15 is important.

There was little in the roadmap which was not already known. Vole will release a public beta of Office alongside betas of supporting products like SharePoint and Exchange.

But it does seem that the suite’s final release will not see the light of day until the first quarter of 2013.

This doesn’t tally with what Microsoft has been saying. If you accept the roadmap, the Office beta was marked as smack-dab between the third and fourth quarters.

Microsoft has not yet revealed a detailed timetable for Office but a couple of months ago Office group executive P.J. Hough, said: “Everyone will have the opportunity to try the Office 15 public beta later this summer.”

Another section of the roadmap showed timelines for Windows as well as Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and Windows Phone.

Windows 8’s schedule only shows last September’s Developer Preview marked. Windows Server 8 is labelled “Historical Release Cadence” that stretched from mid-2012 through early 2013.

IE10’s launch was marked as some time in the second half of 2012.