Leaked documents show Microsoft's plans for Windows 8

An Italian Windows website,  Windowsette, has got its paws on a confidential PowerPoint presentation outlining many of Microsoft’s cunning plans for Windows 8.

The report, complete with its NDA, shows many of Microsoft’s thoughts for Windows 8 including the expected release date of “sometime in 2012”.

It seems that Microsoft is changing the method identifying a user. Instead of just having the traditional, “admin,” “user,” “guest” accounts everything will be be customised for individual users.

Redmond is looking at integrating facial recognition technologies to log users into computers automatically.

As expected Microsoft wants to connect Windows accounts to the cloud so that all your data can follow you from system to system. Although it will mean that all your data will belong to Steve Ballmer.

The presentation said that Microsoft wants the boot process of Windows 8 to be as fast as possible so that it is as close to instant-on as possible.

Taking a leaf from Apple’s book, Microsoft is proposing setting up a windows App store. This will mean that punters will be able to find trusted Apps online.

There are some ideas about having a “Windows Reset” feature that would back up a user’s files and reformat the system in case of some sort of system problem. If this happens, apps bought from the App Store could be reinstalled and not have to be rebought.