Kinect hacked to work with Windows 7

The Kinect has been hacked to work with Windows 7, only days after a $2,000 bounty was offered to anyone who developed a fully-documented open source driver that would allow the device and software to work with systems other than the Xbox 360.

A Youtube user called KinectMan2 uploaded a video showing the Kinect connected to his PC. He used an NUI Motor Test to show the Kinect camera responding in real time to movement with its built-in accelerometer, which is the first pivotal step towards making it work on a different platform.

However, more is required to apply for the bounty, including video showcasing colour and depth. KinectMan2 has not been idle, however, releasing another video addressing these issues:

A third video shows the camera movements being controlled from within Windows 7:

It’s not clear if this fulfills all the requirements to claim Adafruit Industries’ $2,000 bounty, but it’s a definite step in that direction. The developer is also attempting to raise $10,000 to fund development of the project as open source, but so far only $102 has been donated.

Microsoft was furious with Adafruit for offering the bounty, so it remains to be seen how it will react to this development. While some people believe the company would benefit from increased Kinect sales by having it multi-platform, limiting it to the Xbox 360 will result in substantially higher console sales, which it needs to compete with Sony’s PlayStation Move and Nintendo’s Wii.