KDE project at risk as developer disappears

An open sauce video editor project has stalled after the project leader, known by the handle Jean-Baptiste Mardelle, disappeared.

Kdenlive development efforts have stopped completely after Mardelle stopped posting in July and has not been seen since.

So far no one has been able to find Mardelle to establish if he is ok, but it does pour cold ice cubes down the pants of those who see Open Sauce as reliable. Without Mardelle it has been impossible to get commits moving and the software development has stopped completely.

According to Phoronix,  with the leadership and commits are gone and there was a risk that there would never be a new release again as people drift away.

The hope is that someone could see the news and fork the project off, or pick it up and keep it going. The problem with this case is that no one is actually aware that there is a problem.

There have been some questions on KDE Forums recently whether Kdenlive development is over, only to have the only response being from a user saying, “no one answers, you might think that the development is finished.”

There’s been no communication from Jean-Baptiste and one of the mailing list threads created one month ago still doesn’t have any actual answer on what’s going on with the project.