Jobs returns from heaven to push the iCloud

Apparently there was not enough hype for Apple’s latest iCloud effort and it has decided to wheel out the cargo cult messiah Steve Jobs to push it.

Today we are expecting to see the usual shameful display of the US tech press giving Jobs a standing ovulation (sic) as he flogs another idea as if he just invented it.

In this case it is the iCloud which Jobs hopes will replace the clapped out Viva of software, iTunes. iCloud is a Web-based service that lets people stream music they bought to any Apple device.

The tame Apple Press has had some problems with iCloud in that it is difficult to write anything interesting about storage. However Reuters did have a go,  saying that expansion into cloud computing is seen as crucial if the company is to stay competitive with Google’s Android operating system and Amazon.

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu was quoted as saying the iCloud has the potential to make Apple’s iTunes even more powerful, making it tougher for rivals to keep up. Amazon does not seem to have much trouble keeping up, but why let facts get in the way of a free plug for Jobs.

It enthused that the Moscone Center in San Francisco is the ground zero in the launch of several iconic Apple gadgets such as the iPad. It was a hive of activity this week as workers put the finishing touches on banners featuring a giant Apple logo. Only when it comes to an Apple event does the press devote any time to where the press conference is being held.

However, the iCloud service does have a few quirks that only an Apple fanboy would be pleased with. It is a revamped version of the much ignored MobileMe storage service. Each user will have a licence that will allow Apple to run a DRM which scans a user’s hard drive and only then provides access to music found there from the company’s own servers.

Reuters enthuses that this DRM could be the future new model for media consumption, which could also spark more demand for Apple devices.  After all everyone wants DRM in Apple land.

Just in case the hacks nod off in the middle of the storage news, despite the collective chanting and wetting themselves of fanboys, Jobs will announce the Lion Mac OS X computer operating system and the next version of its mobile operating system.

“Still, fans, developers and Wall Street cannot help but feel the consummate showman may have a surprise or two up his sleeve because he typically takes the stage only for major events,” said Reuters, bouncing up and down like a kid on Christmas Eve.

It is not always true. Jobs shows up at events that need pushing, or when rumours are that he might be dead.