Job ad confirms Microsoft's mysterious Windows Blue

In a job posting, Microsoft has confirmed the existence of its up and coming Windows Blue which will work on a yearly upgrade model – at a relatively low cost to anything Redmond has put out before.

The mysterious Windows Blue will roll out across Windows and Windows Phone to give customers more regular updates across its entire ecosystem.

The advert, spotted by the Verge, says that the OS will “build and improve upon” aspects of the OS including windowing, personalisation, application lifecycle, and the start screen.

There is another, separate posting for Windows Phone that mentions Windows Blue as well.

Although Windows 8 only just shipped in October 2012, Windows Blue is expected to appear mid-2013, in what is perhaps the most brazen rebranding of all time: the colour blue, up until now, has largely been associated with Microsoft’s dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

It’s early days, so just whether the model will be a success is anyone’s guess – but we expect all sorts of initiatives to win consumers over as Microsoft tries to make its mark on the ‘post-PC’ lot of shiny toys like smartphones, tablets, desktops and PCs. Once Redmond has a single standard operating system, it will probably be easier for the company to market its various products as part of a single, linked ecosystem. Like, er, Apple