James Gosling slams Oracle’s over Solaris

Four years after Oracle bought Sun, Java founder James Gosling has waded into the outfit’s handling of his former workplace’s key assets.

Writing in Infoworld, Gosling scolded Oracle on its handling of Sun’s products and was particularly nasty about Larry Ellison’s handling of Solaris.

Giving Oracle an F- for the way it treated Solaris, Gosling said that it was now “totally dead” and it was hard to think of anyone actually using it. “Hardware systems from Oracle make no sense at all.  I had to convert all my Solaris boxes to Linux, it made me weep.”

He gave Oracle a C for its handling of MySQL saying that although Oracle had not killed it, it was now totally forked and replaced.

Oddly, Gosling praises Oracle’s handling of Java, despite his past acrimony toward Oracle over Java.  He gave the outfit a B+ saying that they had done really well with it other than a few “growing pains” over security.

That is a good grade from the father of Java. The language was developed  at Sun in 1995.

Gosling was a longtime Sun technologist and, briefly, a CTO at Oracle right after Oracle bought Sun in January 2010.  He is now chief software architect at Liquid Robotics, which develops ocean-based robotics.