Italians say “no retreat” on Windows tax

An Italian consumer watchdog has its eye set on the rump of Microsoft’s “Windows Tax”

The Associazion per i diritti degli Utenti e Consumatori (ADUC ) has taken out a class action against Microsoft.

It says that it is  nearly impossible for the great unwashed to score a refund if they decide to delete Microsoft’s software from a new computer or laptop.

The ADUC said that the Imperium makes it too tricky for people who buy a computer with Microsoft software installed to remove that software and getting their money back is like getting a drink out of legendary Blue Meanie Dr Spinola.

It claims that most users do not realise that starting the software means you have accepted the end user licence and can’t just delete it and use something more open saucy.

While ADUC does not think that hardware manufacturers are entirely blameless, “the principal cause of the failure is Microsoft itself…”

It has filed a case in Milan and invited anyone who might have “paid the tax” to sign up to say pasta la Vista to Ballmer.

Meanwhile the ADUC said that it had already won a similar case against the maker of expensive printer ink HP so now it was time to take on the Imperium. ADUC wants users who bought a computer bundled with MS software, and then did not use the Microsoft software to give it a tinkle.