Iranian conservatives vent their spleen using computer games

Iranian conservatives have come out with new computer game in which they can “destroy” Mir Hossein Mousavi and other opposition leaders.

The game,  with the catchy title of Fighting the Leaders of Sedition,  has players deploy fighter jets to shoot down targets that resemble Mousavi and fellow reformists Mehdi Karrubi and the former president Mohammad Khatami.

The game, which apparently makes it fair to remove people who are not conservatives by violent means, has the blessing of coppers.

Mousavi was prime minister in the 1980s and is under mounting pressure from hard-liners as the anniversary of the the joke election which was rigged in favour of the incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looms close.

The conservatives have already banned most of Mousavi’s internet operations and there are fears that there might be a new crackdown against his Green movement.

Those websites that are still running have speculated that it could be the prelude to his own detention, or at least his house arrest, in order to prevent him from organising new demonstrations against the fraudulent election.

More than 175 of 290 MPs in the conservative-dominated parliament called on the judiciary to put Mousavi on trial after he condemned the execution of five people, four of them Kurds, who were convicted as terrorists and “enemies of God”.

Gholamhossein Elham, a member of Iran’s guardian council, condemned Mousavi himself as “an enemy of God”.

While the game itself might appear fairly harmless, it does show how much effort the Iranian conservatives are putting into demonising Mousavi.