iOS7 makes Apple customers sick

Apple’s latest OS is making some of its fanboys so sick that their mothers are having to give them a dose of Pepto-Bismol and send them to bed.

While some trumpeted the wonderful world of fake zooms, parallax, sliding and other changes in iOS, it is apparently is causing people with vestibular disorders to re-enact a scene from the Exorcist.

According to the Guardian, some Apple users are reporting headaches and feelings associated with motion sickness every time they access an app.

This was not a problem under iOS 6 where zooming was minimal, parallax was absent, and there were no animation effects. 

Android and Windows Phone don’t have this problem either because they are not under pressure to look cool, even at the expense of the contents of their users’ stomachs.

A number of affected users have committed the heresy of switching iPhones that had already been upgraded to iOS 7 for models running iOS 6.

The vestibular system is what gives us our sense of balance and sense of spatial awareness. While we would have thought that your average Apple fanboy was off-balance to start with, it looks like the situation could be made worse when their vestibular systems and visual system come into conflict.

Of course, we are talking about a small number of iPhone users who might get sick. More than five percent of the population can get “visually induced motion sickness” but these symptoms manifest even more severely if a viewer already has a disorder of the vestibular system. An estimated 35 percent of all Americans experience vestibular system dysfunction.

Those with neurological conditions that cause central dizziness could also suffer using iOS7 due to animations being more pronounced.

Apple provides a “Reduce Motion” option within the iOS 7 Settings app, but it is poorly labelled and it disables the parallax effect, but doesn’t stop zooming or sliding.