Intel starts preaching for HTML5 conversions

Intel has instructed its teams of monks, missionaries and evangelists to get to work and encourage a wider take up of HTML5.

Intel wants people to move to HMTL5 post haste as the code can do a lot more than just web development and has spin offs for future hardware kit.  It will start putting a foot in the door of developer’s houses from the next Intel Developer Forum next week.

Intel’s Michael Richmond, senior architect in the company’s Open Source Technology Centre, told InfoWorld that HTML 5 will mean software which can do so much more for the web.

He particularly liked the fact that HTML5 software can automatically adapt to different screen sizes, offering more information to the user when a bigger screen is detected.

It was also better than native programming because developers do not have to redo all their code for each new platform.

Richmond said this means it will save companies a bob or two in developer costs.

So why is a hardware maker like Intel so keen on talking about software? Richmond pointed out Intel has been big in the software industry since the mid 1970s.

Intel has been writing code before many 20-something or 30-something developers were even born and it would thank you to get off its lawn.

Intel has been pushing its XDK tool for HTML5 to take advantage of everything that the HTML5 specification can manage. This includes things like cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and webSocket for two way web communications.