Intel shows off MeeGo OS for tablets

Intel has posted a video showing the features of its Linux-based Meego OS for tablet computers on YouTube.

The MeeGo OS is targeted at mobile and embedded devices and was first announced in February. MeeGo is a collaboration between Intel and Nokia and is managed by The Linux Foundation. The MeeGo version for netbooks was released last month.

The video, which also shows the operating system’s multitouch support, multitasking and integrated social networking runs for 3 minutes and also demonstrates how people can use the pre-alpha version of MeeGo OS 1.1 using a multitouch tablet PC.

Also linked into the video is a blog entry by Intel’s Atom Development Program site, which gives more information on MeeGo, slated for release in autumn.

According to the blog’s author, Bob Duffy, some features may not be available in the tablet release.

However, as it stands it seems the OS is going to give users some pretty good stuff including integrated social-networking tools so that users can view updates from sites like Facebook and Twitter in real time.

There is also a gesture control feature shown within the photo app, which lets users use gestures for resizing and rotating a photo as well as a 5 finger multi-touch, which could allow up to 5 people to control part of the screen and game play.

The demonstration also shows how the OS can run multiple applications at the same time. It demonstrates this through a background music application running while an image is being edited in a photo application.

Duffy wrote in his blog post: “From the Atom Developer Program side I can tell you we are excited about MeeGo. And we will be in the middle of this, helping developers get MeeGo apps developed for devices like shown in this video.

“Currently we have folks working with the MeeGo team on developing SDK for AppUp and we are keenly interested in making sure our site and community gets the information & tools needed to develop & port apps to MeeGo.”