Intel is game for a laugh

Chipzilla has made an odd purchase and written a cheque for a German game engine writer Trinigy.

Intel has a games tool maker called Havok although few are quite sure why.

Havok’s technology portfolio will now mean that Intel has rendering capabilities. Havok will consolidate its WYSIYWG editors and tools with the Trinigy team.

Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine has been used by a broad range of games and simulation companies and is available on all major platforms, including the PC to the PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Nintendi Wii, browsers and mobile devices.

Havok managing director David Coghlan said in a statement that the Trinigy team was highly experienced and proven.

Buying Trinigy will extend the reach of both companies’ technologies across new geographies and market segments, he said.

A combination of Havok and Trinigy will broaden the games industry terms of target platforms, markets, budget sizes and distribution models, he claimed.

Details of the deal have not been revealed but it looks like money changed hands.