Intel has problems migrating to Windows 7

There’s an interesting article on the IDG news network about problems Intel is facing migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7.

It’s doubly interesting because earlier this week Intel and Microsoft staged a press conference all about Windows 7 and urged people to move as quickly as possible.

It seems, from the IDG story, that one big problem Intel faces is that Windows 7 won’t run 16 bit applications and the chip giant has quite a few of those.

What’s true for Intel is probably true for many another big corporation too, and the IT staff at companies that need a refresh of their boxes are probably scurrying around preparing for the time when it will be possible to migrate without screwing up their existing, so called legacy, systems.

The IDG story points to this blog entry from Intel which makes interesting reading. Intel decided to skip Vista and decided to go for Windows 7 instead. As part of that process, it joined with Microsoft to help define the OS and getting rid of bugs.

As well as 16 bit compatibility, Intel has another problem, to do with the need to use Internet Explorer 8. It has some problems with some of its applications running IE8, and there are also problems with Java versions “that can really make this a challenge”.

Now this is all rather significant. Intel and Microsoft worked together to make Windows 7 and if the chip giant has some problems, then it’s certain that other corporations have similar problems too.

BMW said that it had no problems migrating its 10s of thousands of PCs from XP to Windows at the same press conference earlier this week. Looks like corporations will have to take a really deep breath before they jump in feet first and migrate to Windows 7.