Intel has plans, hasn't plans to quit MeeGo

Intel is rumoured to be planning a quiet exit, stage left, from supporting MeeGo.

Sources at Digitimes say Intel is planning on quitting the disaster zone that has been the MeeGo OS.  Developers gave the OS eight months to live in July, so it could be well ahead of schedule.

Despite throwing an almighty hooley in a Dublin brewery just last year it appears that the platform has been doomed from the start. Its fanatical supporters will disagree, and point to the consortium which backs MeeGo – though Intel has been a primary source of financial backing.

Nokia appeared to have abondoned the Linux-based OS when it turned to Microsoft’s flock. The Finnish former rubber boot maker jointly kick-started MeeGo to bring the fight to Android and iOS. It demonstrated a MeeGo phone this year, a slick looking device, but industry watchers believe the company was contractually obliged.

In Finland, where MeeGo is popular and nationalist pride can cloud decision making, the open source project was mostly – according to our sources – funded by Intel. The allegiance to Nokia, however, means many supporters have followed it to Microsoft and are expecting great things from Windows 8.

Since Nokia fell swooning into the arms of Microsoft, Intel has seemingly been at a loss about what to do with the OS, its big hope for infiltrating mobile – where it has delayed – left tattered and torn. 

There has been some success sticking the OS in places like cars and other embedded applications, but this is hardly the life that was imagined for MeeGo from the start. It seems that a lack of interest for the platform in phones or tablets has taken its toll.

We asked Intel whether MeeGo has now gone, but it says there is life in the old dog yet:

“We remain committed to MeeGo and open source, and will continue to work with the community to help develop and meet the needs of customers and end users,” Intel told us.

How long Intel keeps the same line remains to be seen.