Intel-GE Care venture gets clean bill of heath from FDA

Intel is cementing its position in healthcare.

It has announced that its new joint venture – a partnership with GE that goes by the imaginative name of Intel-GE Care Innovations LLC –  has received a 510(k) market clearance from the US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The certification is for the Intel Health Guide Express, which is a virtual care system.

The system combines an in-home patient device on a sick person’s home PC. Professionals can also use the Intel Health Guide PHS6000, which is a portable handheld system. 

When combined this allows doctors to monitor patients and remotely manage care. The in-home patient device can also connect to specific models of wired and wireless medical devices, including blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and weight scales. It stores and displays the collected information for the patient and sends to a secure host server, which medical peeps can review. 

The fact that the guide can been put onto a consumer PC or onto a staff portable device also makes it easier for the patient and doctor to communicate, according to Intel. Intel-GE Care also claims that this is a cheap way for medics to conduct health check ups. 

Now that the company has received the 510(K) clearance it also hopes it can make the service more widespread.