IE 10 will not run on Vista

Microsoft’s lemon-scented software offering Vista will be even more useless when Internet Explorer 10 comes out.

Vole has confirmed that Internet Exploder will not run on the replacement to Windows XP either in developer preview form or when the final software ships.

While you might think that it is all part of Microsoft trying to lock the wardrobe door on its poorly parented off-spring and encourage people to upgrade as fast as possible, it is less obvious than that.

Vole unveiled Internet Exploder 9 after it had cut off support for the still popular Windows XP.

The idea is that it does not have to get its latest software running on stuff that it thinks should be upgraded.

In its release notes, the Volish Microsoft said that users need to run the IE10 Platform Preview on Windows 7 RTW or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Vista and Windows XP users will get a dialog box that reads, “Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview does not support any operating system earlier than Windows 7,” and the installation dies a death.

Vole claims that a browser is only as good as the operating system it runs on, and that by extension, browsers that run on older OSes are useless.