Ice Cream Sandwich will be served with Open Sauce

Google has decided that its next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich will be completely Open sauce.

Ice Cream Sandwich aims to bring together the disparate phone and tablet versions of the OS.

Hugo Barra, director of Android product management, announced that Ice Cream Sandwich will use a single UI across all form factors.

This will allow developers to build software for both kinds of devices at the same time. Ice Cream Sandwich will follow the rollout of Android 3.1 to the Motorola Xoom tablet and Google TV.

Google wants the software to be “all be open source,” including APIs for face-tracking and other new features. He said Google will be adding a lot of UIs to run on all Android devices.

Current versions of Android are not open source, even if they are based on Linux. Google does not want to open source the older versions of the software either.

Barra also showed off the use of an XBox 360 controller with an Android game, which indicates how Google wants to get its gear to integrate with other systems.

No official launch date has yet been announced for Ice Cream Sandwich.